TicketBiscuit Affiliate Program FeedMaker Tool

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Currently there are two ways to get TicketBiscuit Partner Links:

1. TicketBiscuit Affiliate Program FeedMaker Tool

Use the TicketBiscuit Affiliate Program FeedMaker Tool below to create a custom RSS feed.You can create as many custom feeds as you wish. Any options you fill in or select will filter the list of events accordingly. Leave any option blank to get a larger (less targeted) event list.

2. Custom Affiliate Link

Enter your Affiliate ID below. Next, enter the link you want people to go to when they click your custom affiliate link (usually the “Buy Tickets” page of a TicketBiscuit-powered event). Then, click Get Custom Link to generate your custom link. Paste the generated link onto your website, blog, or social media page to earn affiliate commissions when people click the link and buy tickets.