Music Liberation Fund

About the Music Liberation Fund (MLF)

The MLF is a project funded by TicketBiscuit LLC that makes money available to live entertainment venues and promoters within the United States who wish to become or remain independent from the TicketMaster/LiveNation umbrella.

Why was it established?

The MLF was established to help preserve diversity and independence in the operations of America’s live music venues. We feel that the industry dominance of TicketMaster and LiveNation endangers the very existence of independent entertainers, venues, and promoters. Independence is crucial to the artistic landscape of our communities, and we are taking these actions to preserve it.

Which venues and promoters qualify?

All Ticketmaster or Ticketmaster subsidiary clients whose contracts expire this year qualify. But venues and promoters need not be current Ticketmaster or Ticketmaster subsidiary clients to qualify. Performing Arts, Theatre, Sports, Comedy, and other types of venues and promoters qualify as well.

I’m neither a venue operator nor a promoter. How can I help?

Encourage your local venues to explore alternative ticketing providers.

What are the terms of the fund?

To receive funds from the MLF, venues and promoters must enter into an exclusive ticketing agreement with TicketBiscuit. Funds will be awarded monthly in proportion to the number of tickets sold. Detailed terms and conditions will be presented to those who pass the initial qualifying phase.

How can I get more details?

Contact TicketBiscuit at 866.757.8330, fill out the form to the right, or email