Comedy Club Ticketing

The nation’s top venues choose TicketBiscuit to handle their comedy club ticketing operations.

Here are five good reasons:

  1. You get your money immediately – Unlike other comedy club ticketing companies who hold on to your ticket sales money until after the show, TicketBiscuit sends the money goes straight to you as soon as tickets are sold – just like a food or beverage sale. That gives you the money you need to cover bills, pay comics, and even earn interest.
  2. TicketBiscuit has built-in viral marketing tools to help you sell more tickets – Every time you set up a show in TicketBiscuit, it gets automatically listed on websites like and that get millions of visitors per month. More eyeballs on your events means more tickets sold. Plus, TicketBiscuit makes it possible for your website visitors to instantly share your events across over 40 social media websites.
  3. TicketBiscuit updates your website – TicketBiscuit keeps your website up-to-date and looking great automatically. You don’t have to spend time updating it, and you don’t have to pay someone else to do it. Plus, since the info comes directly from the ticketing system, you know that all your shows are listed, and that the pricing and showtime info is always accurate.
  4. TicketBiscuit has all the features you demand – TicketBiscuit includes reserved seating support, barcoded print-at-home tickets, call center support, a point-of-sale box office interface, a built-in email blast engine, and just about any ticket sales report you can dream up. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with successful comedy club owners to add comedy-club-specific functionality to make your life easier.
  5. TicketBiscuit partners with comedy-focused websites – We work with innovative comedy focused websites and blogs like Dead Frog to list your shows on their sites and expand your audience.

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