Automatic Website Updates

TicketBiscuit comes with several info-packed web pages, all custom designed to integrate seamlessly into your site for automatic website updates. As you enter events into the system, these pages update themselves instantly. As time goes on, they change automatically to display the most current information about your upcoming and archived events.

Spotlight Page

You decide which events deserve special attention; these events are automatically displayed on the Spotlight Page, and automatically removed once they pass. A lot of our clients use Spotlight on their home pages.

Calendar Page

This page displays all upcoming events one month at a time in calendar form. Visitors can click on the event title for details, or click a “Buy Tickets” link to do just that. Visitors can move forward and backward in time to see your past and future events.

Search Events Page

Here, visitors see a searchable list of all your events, along with date/time and a brief synopsis. As with the Spotlight and Calendar pages, visitors can click the event title for detailed info, share the event with their friends via Promotozoa, or go straight to the event’s Buy Tickets page.

Event Details Pages

Each event you enter into the system gets its own Event Details page where you can display any information you wish, including pictures, video, and hyperlinks. Use this page to display a cast/crew list or bios of the artists on the bill.

Buy Tickets Pages

Each event also gets its own Buy Tickets page, where customers choose the number and type of tickets they wish to purchase. For reserved seating events, you decide if customers can choose their own seats, or whether to assign them the “best available” seats automatically. When the order is complete, the customer is transfered to the Order Confirmation page, and a confirmation email is sent automatically.

Customer Account Pages

Those customers who have chosen to create an account with you or another TicketBiscuit client can access a special section of your website where they can review their order history, save billing and shipping addresses for faster checkout, and print their Print-At-Home tickets when it’s convenient.