Own Your Audience

Branded to You, Controlled by You

You spend a lot of time, effort, and money to reach your ticket buyers. The last thing you need is a ticketing company trying to steal those customers away. That’s why we approach things in a fundamentally different way than most of our competitors. Basically, we give you the tools to keep YOUR brand out in front. Your ticket buyers build a relationship with YOU, not us. Our role is to give you the tools, service, and support to make the relationships grow. How does TicketBiscuit help you Own Your Audience?

  1. We integrate seamlessly with your website. This means that your marketing messages all point back to your own website, not ticketbiscuit.com or some look-alike site. Your customers browse events and buy tickets directly on your domain.
  2. We brand our call center greeting to your company. When people call, we answer the phone with your branded greeting, and we work with you to make sure our agents are equipped to answer any question that may arise.
  3. We provide a full solution for your ticketing, including box office point-of-sale software and mobile-optimized ticketing pages for smartphones. No more worrying about synchronizing systems or managing inventory across channels. TicketBiscuit handles it all.
  4. We provide tools to help you build loyal customers. Your customer data is available to you whenever you need it. We don’t hold your data hostage like some companies, and we don’t sell it or use it for our own benefit. We just secure it, back it up, and serve it to you with our suite of reports, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide built-in CRM and email communication features to empower you to offer superior levels of service and support.

The fact is, ticketing software is just one piece of a much more valuable system of customer acquisition and retention, a system to grow sales and increase profitability by emphasizing the relationship between you and your audience.