Branded Call Center Ticket Sales

Let’s face it; some folks still prefer the telephone when it comes to ordering tickets. For most venues and promoters, this used to mean that you needed to hire staff to take those calls and develop a full support system around this sales channel – that, or give up the opportunity to provide detailed, personalized service to customers when they call. But not anymore.

When you choose Branded Call Center Ticket Sales, TicketBiscuit sets you up with a phone number that rings into our call center. It can be a number you already have, or a new one we provision for you. Then, you simply advertise that number as you normally would, and we take your ticketing and support calls for you. We even answer the phone “Thanks for calling [YOUR COMPANY], how may I help you?” The technology behind this service is complex, but the result is simple: you save money, your customers get the service they expect, and your ticket sales increase.

How do we provide the same level of personalized service and knowledgeable support that you’d expect from a full-time, dedicated box office employee? Simple: we treat your customers like our own. We maintain a list of frequently asked questions and answers. And when a question comes up that isn’t on the list, we find out the answer and add it to the list. Our call center is staffed with educated, service-focused, saint-patient folks who are a pleasure to deal with. Unparalleled customer service is our goal. And it’s what we deliver, call after call.