Presale Passwords and Event Discount Codes

TicketBiscuit is incredibly flexible and powerful when it comes to creating, issuing, and redeeming event discount codes and presale passwords.

Password-Protected On-sales and Promo Codes

With TicketBiscuit, you can create ticket products that are only visible once the correct presale passwords have either been entered online or presented at the box office or call center. Use these for fan club onsales or in association with specific promotions.

Discount Codes and Affinity Codes

Use event discount codes or affinity codes to apply discounts to ticket orders or restrict access to certain ticket products. You configure how many different codes to issue, which events to codes are valid for, how times each code can be used, and when the codes expire. Codes can be generated for you by TicketBiscuit or uploaded from outside sources (member numbers, for example).

You’ll have real-time visibility into code usage as the promotion is underway through reports in TicketBiscuit. TicketBiscuit also manages the redemption of all these codes for you, making sure each one is used only once. The best part is that your website and Facebook page remain front and center, meaning more awareness of your business and more visibility of your brand. You will also collect the customer data from the purchase process, so you can market directly to all those new customers in the future.

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