Flexible Ticket Fees

To Fee or Not to Fee?

It’s YOUR decision.

Unlike many other ticketing companies, we put you in control of the ticket fees that your customers pay.

We charge you a small fee on each ticket you sell, and empower you to set the fee your customer pays: keep fees low to encourage advance sales, or bump them up on your in-demand tickets and make a premium on every sale. Our fees are among the lowest in the industry for systems with comparable features. Depending on your average ticket price, you can usually charge a low, 10-15% service charge and cover all your costs including credit card processing.

How do I control the service charge?

Our Ticket Product Builder makes it easy to set your own fees. You can charge a different fee for each event, and each ticket product within your events. You can charge different fees for different sales channels (online, phone, walkup, etc). And you can even control whether or not customers see the fee broken out separately when they buy online. Our sales reports show fees on a separate line item, so you always know how much revenue is from actual ticket sales and how much is from service charges.

Can I apply the service charge to phone orders too?

Sure. With TicketBiscuit, the amount of the service charge and when to apply it are entirely up to you. Many of our clients find that applying the service charge to phone orders yields a significant boost in profits while encouraging customers to order online.

Do you ticket fees for what we sell in the box office?

Yes. But it’s usually much lower than the fee we charge for tickets sold online or through our call center.