Multi-tiered Ticket Pricing

The pricing of your tickets is one of the single most important decisions you will make. At TicketBiscuit, we give you infinite flexibility in how your tickets are priced and presented with multi-tiered ticket pricing.

Multi-tiered ticket pricing

Set up several different types of tickets within reserved or GA sections, and set the price for each.

Change prices on the fly

Adjust pricing and availability in real time based on ticket sales activity or other considerations.

Schedule price adjustments and on-sales

Automatically schedule price increases at specified dates and times, and control the availability of ticket products with scheduled on-sale and off-sale dates.

Fully customizable fee structure

You choose how to treat fees – pass them through to customers, absorb them into your ticket price, or mark them up to cover other costs. Fees are customizable per sales channel, on a per-product basis.

Sales Tax

You choose how to treat tax, and specify the rate at which tax should be collected.