Online Ticketing Payment and Settlement Options

TicketBiscuit has everything you need for online ticketing payment and settlement.

The TicketBiscuit ticketing system comes with credit card processing built-in. We handle all the gory details of authorizing transactions and transferring funds from the customer’s account to yours. And we do it 100% securely with SSL encryption, the standard for e-commerce.

In order to maintain the utmost security, we do not store sensitive credit card information anywhere in our system. We maintain only transaction id numbers and the last 4 digits of the card number, which pose no security risk and can aid in providing great customer service. This combination affords our clients the best of both worlds: security and convenience.

For high-volume point-of-sale scenarios, credit cards can be swiped right into the system, letting you get your customers in the door very quickly. Ask one of our sales reps how you can get swiping equipment free of charge when you sign on with us.

How you get your money

We have two options for getting you the funds from your credit card transactions:

Option 1

For lower-volume clients, or those without a credit card merchant account, we accept the funds on your behalf and transfer them to you by ACH (Direct Deposit) at regular, frequent intervals.

Option 2

For higher-volume clients, we connect TicketBiscuit to your own credit card merchant account so that funds are transferred directly from the buyer to you. Want funds transferred directly to you, but don’t have a credit card merchant account? No problem. We have strong relationships with several merchant account providers who can offer competitive rates on credit card processing. We’ll guide you through the process of establishing your merchant account, and connect it to your TicketBiscuit account once it’s active.