Reliable Online Ticketing

Since TicketBiscuit’s inception a decade ago, we’ve invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars in making sure that it’s the most reliable and secure ticketing system on the planet.  You work hard to make your event a success – don’t let an unproven partner blow your on-sale. Trust TicketBiscuit’s reliable online ticketing, and rest easy.

Unmatched Scalability with Cloud Computing

Massive on-sales and demand spikes are no problem with TicketBiscuit. Using state of the art cloud computing services, we’re able to add server capacity and bandwidth instantly, making sure that you sell out quickly and completely, and that your customers are delighted by the experience.

Redundant Servers, Power, and Connectivity

This is a fancy way of saying that we’ve eliminated single points of failure in our infrastructure. Critical pathways and processes in the ticket sales engine and databases are backed up with extra layers of support, just in case.

World-Class Hosting with 99.999% Up-time

With a track record of “five nines” up-time, Rackspace is the industry leader in hosted applications. The TicketBiscuit core application and databases are housed in one of the most secure facilities on the planet, and duplicated in other co-located facilities elsewhere. The facilities are secured with video, audio, and bio-metric measures, and multiple precautions are taken to prevent both physical and electronic intrusion.

Data Backup Every 15 Minutes

Ticket sales data and transaction data is crucial. We secure your data and back it up every 15 minutes. So in the unlikely event of an extreme natural disaster, the impact to your business is mitigated.

SSL Encryption on All Transactions

SSL encryption is the standard for e-commerce. Simply put, all sensitive transactions through TicketBiscuit are secure.

Rigorous QA and Testing

We never stop innovating to help you sell more tickets, and every two weeks we’re pushing system updates, upgrades, and enhancements. Each and every change to the code undergoes quality assurance testing, where it is scrutinized, checked, and tested tirelessly to ensure that the system stays solid as its feature set continues to grow.

Mass Email Delivery

Email marketing to your customers is an important way to keep them in the loop and a fantastic way to generate advanced sales. Whether you have an email list of 200 or 2 million, TicketBiscuit’s built-in email engine can provide a robust email delivery solution. We invest heavily to ensure that you stay CAN-SPAM compliant and white-listed with the major ISPs.