Thermal Ticket Printing

You have multiple options when it comes to ticket printing, including thermal ticket printing.

All tickets printed through TicketBiscuit are bar-coded to mitigate ticket fraud and duplication.

1. Print-them-yourself options:

BOCA-compatible thermal printers

What it is: A workhorse of a printer, and the industry standard for high volume operations.

Ideal for: operations requiring custom ticket stock, operations issuing thousands of tickets monthly.

Ticket stock customization: Full, as long as stock is BOCA-compatible. Four color process, holograms, foil, etc.
TicketBiscuit supports all BOCA-Compatible printers, and can help you procure one for your operation if needed. Rental and purchase options are available.

DYMO thermal printers

What it is: A less expensive option when thermal ticket printing is required.

Ideal for: Smaller operations requiring bar-coded printed tickets, operations issuing less than a thousand tickets per month.

Ticket stock customization: Limited. Proprietary stock, black ink only, gray-scale graphics on tickets are possible.
These smaller printers are an easy and inexpensive way to print and issue bar-coded thermal tickets. Rental and purchase options are available.

Standard InkJet or Office Printers

What it is: Print your tickets on 8.5×11-inch paper directly from any standard desktop printer.

Ideal for: Operations who do not need large quantities of printed tickets, operations who wish to place dynamic advertising on printed tickets.

Ticket stock customization: With our On-Ticket Ads Module, full. Full color support, multiple ad templates possible.
Commonly used for Print-at-Home Tickets, you can also configure your box office tickets to print on full sheets of paper as well. See this video for more information.

2. Let us print them for you:

With this option, TicketBiscuit prints your tickets on our four color, foil-imprinted stock, or on your own custom stock.

Ideal for: Single large events, events with tiered pricing.

Ticket stock customization: Limited only by the capabilities of stock printing companies.