Wireless Ticket Scanners

You work hard to sell tickets to your events. Don’t let ticket fraud or duplication take money out of your pocket.

With wireless ticket scanning from TicketBiscuit, you can get your paying customers in their seats quickly, while keeping out any potential fraudsters.

TicketBiscuit and wireless ticket scanners for secure, scan-anywhere capability.

Every ticket issued through TicketBiscuit is bar-coded, and can be scanned and redeemed at the point of entry with our wireless ticket scanners. Ticket scanners can communicate both with TicketBiscuit and each other over WiFi or over cell phone networks. A quick scan lets you know if a ticket is valid or if it’s faked, or copied. Clear audible and visual cues empower your gate staff to quickly and accurately verify and redeem tickets. You can monitor scans in real time from any internet-connected computer. In addition, a full list of all ticket buyers is available through the TicketBiscuit Will-Call screen, should any dispute arise.

TicketBiscuit is here to help you, and wireless ticket scanners can be purchased, rented, or even provided free-of-charge for qualifying clients. Give us a call at 866-757-8330 or request a complimentary demo to learn more.