Mobile Ticketing Offers Options For Your Customers

We’re not trying to be overzealous here, but taking tickets mobile is kind of a big deal. According to a study by Juniper Research, the number of tickets delivered to mobile phones will quadruple to 23 billion by 2016. This should actually come as no surprise. As mobile commerce (or m-commerce) in general tends to rise, tickets hold a unique spot as a commodity which loses almost no value but gains tons of benefit from this shift. Where physical products and services must be shipped or redeemed, tickets appear directly on a smartphone for use at a venue immediately. It is a winning bet for a customer all around, making it a winning bet for you.

So, the question becomes, what is the best way to enable mobile ticket sales? The default answer is generally “by letting people to buy them from a mobile-optimized site.” There is a lot of value there, particularly when users are simply browsing for something to do and then find your site. Want to buy a ticket? Done.

Another option is to sell tickets through your own mobile app. Native mobile apps (iPhone and Android apps) offer a unique set of benefits. For starters, with an app you get a piece of real estate on your loyal customers’ smartphone screen. They can interact with your business in just a single click – no tricky typing on the virtual keyboard and no Google search required. Another powerful benefit unique to native mobile apps is the push notification.

Imagine you have a new act in town, or a secret show just for one night. With just a few clicks, you can send out a message to everyone who has your app installed letting them know. They can then immediately purchase the ticket directly from your app. This provides immediate value and also further solidifies your relationship with your customers. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that in-app purchases have absolutely soared recently, accounting for more than 76% of app store revenue in the U.S.

However you decide to implement mobile ticket sales, you can be sure that your customers are increasingly turning to their smartphones as the primary way to interact with entertainment venues. By removing barriers and making life easier for those who want to interact with your business from a mobile screen you can significantly profit from the rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem.


Chris Belew is Co-Founder & CEO of Apptive, a TicketBiscuit partner who makes the creation and management of mobile apps easy and economical for small businesses with their no coding required, cloud-based EasyApp platform.

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