Music Venue Ticketing

The nation’s leading music venues trust TicketBiscuit, and you should too. Here’s just a few ways we bring a fresh approach to music venue ticketing:

You’ll save time

With one action, TicketBiscuit publishes your event to your website, your event calendar, your mobile site, and your Facebook page.  Plus, if any of the details change, TicketBiscuit will keep everything updated.

You’ll get money sooner

Unlike other music venue ticketing companies who hold on to your ticket sales money until after the show, TicketBiscuit sends the money goes straight to you as soon as tickets are sold – just like a food or beverage sale. That gives you the money you need to cover bills, pay acts, and even earn interest.

You get automatic, exponential internet exposure

Our massive network of over 300 affiliate partners, including Songkick, Jambase, Eventful, and BandsinTown, will ensure that word of your show reaches to the far ends of the internet via their apps, plug ins, websites, and email lists.

You’ll build loyal fans

Engage with your fans and build your tribe with our built in marketing arsenal, including email marketing, Facebook posts, and auto tweets.

Your tickets will be easy to find and purchase

Harness the full power of TicketBiscuit and have tickets at the ready no matter where your fans are. Mobile? Check. Facebook? Check. Box Office? Check. And of course, your website.

We’ve got your back

We love our clients, and we know that reliable support is crucial to your operation. So, we are there for you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
365 days a year.

Our system is proven and capable

Since TicketBiscuit’s inception a decade ago, we’ve invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars in making sure that it’s the most reliable and secure ticketing system on the planet.  You work hard to make your event a success – don’t let an unproven partner blow your onsale. Trust TicketBiscuit, and rest easy

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