New Feature: Ticket Discount Codes and Promotions

The new Discount Promotions feature within TicketBiscuit enables whole new levels of simplicity, insight, and control when managing discount-based promotions. These types of promotions are useful when you want to use ticket discount codes to stimulate sales, reward existing customers, or attract new customers. Groupon, Living Social, and scores of other daily deal websites have revolutionized the discount based promotion model over the past year, and with this new feature we’ve made it easier than ever to work with those services.

Executing Ticket Discount Codes and Promotions

Normally, executing ticket discount codes and promotions involve three steps:

  1. Create the discount, also called an offer or a deal.
  2. Create a promotion to manage the deal through discount codes, expiration dates, and valid events.
  3. Distribute the codes to customers.

Now, you can do steps one and two directly within TicketBiscuit, and generate a list of codes you can distribute through Groupon or other daily deal services. When customers purchase your offer from Groupon, they receive one of the codes you reacted within TicketBiscuit, which they then enter on your website or Facebook page when buying tickets.

Visibility, Security and Customer Data That Belongs to YOU

You’ll have real-time visibility into code usage as the promotion is underway through various reports in TicketBiscuit. TicketBiscuit also manages the redemption of all these codes for you, making sure each one is used only once. The best part is that your website and Facebook page remain front and center, meaning more awareness of your business and more visibility of your brand. You will also collect the customer data from the purchase process, so you can market directly to all those new customers in the future. All of that adds up to more tickets sold.

Check the following video for an overview:

For more information on how to put this powerful feature to work for you, give us a call at 866.757.8330 or click the “Contact” link at the top of the page for more options.

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