SeatPower Interactive Seat Map is Now Live!

October is bringing around the fall and with it a new feature for us. Thanks to extensive research and testing, TicketBiscuit is proud to tell you about SeatPower; a different kind of interactive seat map. It performs like a champ during stress loads such as high profile ticket sales and the like.

SeatPower Interactive Seat Map – Key Features

Key Features include:

  • Clickable seat sections
  • Friendly and Attractive User Interface
  • Real-Time Availability Updates

In addition, the seating chart availability is updated in near real-time and it will clear choices if seats are unavailable. The chart is color-coded for ease of use.

How SeatPower Interactive Seat Map Works

First choose the section and the number of tickets. Then choose, “Find Seats”

SeatPower Interactive Seat Map  - Section and Number of Tickets

Then the next screen will show you the seats that are available.

SeatPower Interactive Seat Map - Available Seats

Once the choice is made, the client can then continue the transaction as normal.

SeatPower will HOLD the original seats for the patron until it VERIFIES that the new seats are available! This means that the seats are always on hold.

An interactive seat map this powerful is something that no other ticket provider offers. TicketBiscuit is constantly offering new innovations and leads the way in online ticketing options. Contact today us for more information!

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