TicketBiscuit Makes a Big Splash at Indian Gaming 2011

Last week, I and several of my colleagues from TicketBiscuit had the pleasure of spending a few great days in Phoenix, Arizona at the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Annual Conference. It was a fantastic experience, an extremely well organized event, and a great time overall. We met literally hundreds of friendly casino operators, vendors, and tribal members, and made a lot of new friends. I am very much looking forward to building on the relationships we started there.

Monday we kicked off the morning a well-attended workshop entitled “SOLD OUT! How to Fill The House For Your Entertainment Events.” In the session, we shared best practices from our client base and insights gathered over our years of relentless innovation in the event marketing space. If you weren’t able to attend, check out the presentation below, and pass it on.

Sold Out! How to Fill The House For Your Live Entertainment Events

Tuesday was day one of the tradeshow. Trey “”The Hoff” Joined myself, CEO Jeff Gale, and Biz Development Maestro Bruce Ayers to meet the NIGA attendees.  The place was electric, like a gigantic casino -mall – incubator – mixer all in one. We had very cool mardi-gras like beads we were passing out to guests who visited our booth. All told, we passed out about 500 beads and met about 600 people that first day. It was like speed dating for business, and it felt awesome.

Trey Hoffman, Jeff Gale, and Bruce Ayers havin a blast at the Biscuit booth.

At the end of day one, we gave away an iPad. But not before we had a little fun. As about 100 or so folks congregated around our booth to hear if they had won, we began leading them in a chant of “Ticket-Biscuit! Ticket-Biscuit!” It was like a huge pep rally -party atmosphere. Our big winner of the day was Ben Liao, with iBase systems. Congrats Ben!

Jeff and Bruce with Ben Liao, lucky winner of an iPad

Day two was equally awesome. Though the energy in the room was a bit more subdued than day one, folks still were coming to the Biscuit booth in droves to score some beads and see what kind of awesomeness we had in store for day two. The answer? We were going to give away a Wii and an HDTV.
Trey, Bruce, and Jeff had to split early to catch a flight back to HQ, but I stuck around till 1 PM to give away the loot. Again, we had an impromptu TicketBiscuit pep rally. Then, I drew these folks’ names out of the lucky red bowl: Rick Brown, from Extreme Networks, and Julie Cleveland, from Colville Casinos.

NIGA Day two winners Rick Brown and Julie Cleveland

After day two I was physically exhausted, but exhilarated and excited at the awesome time we had. I look forward to touching base with our new friends over the next couple of weeks, and am definitely looking forward to NIGA 2012!


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