Tip: How Selecting the Correct EVENT TYPE and GENRE can Boost Ticket Sales

When you’re creating events in TicketBiscuit, you always make sure you’re entering your event information correctly.  Of course, you spell check your event title.  Of course, you set the correct date and time.  But, are you paying much attention to the EVENT TYPE and GENRE?  If not, here are some reasons to check these settings out.

TicketBiscuit has hundreds of affiliate websites that filter and display event data from within our database. These sites drive thousands of visitors to our clients’ websites on a daily basis, and several of these visitors buy tickets.

Almost all affiliate sites filter events based on EVENT TYPE and GENRE.

Dead-Frog.com displays only Live Comedy events, SongKick.com displays only Music Events, and so on.

So, if you’re not setting it correctly, you could be missing out on a ton of free exposure, and more importantly, potential ticket sales.


START HERE. On the first Screen of the Event Creation Wizard, you’ll see a drop down for EVENT TYPE.

You can select the EVENT TYPE in the Basic Info tab of the Event Wizard.


GENRES are a subset of EVENT TYPE.  So, whatever you choose as the EVENT TYPE in the Basic Info tab will impact which GENRES are available on  the Options tab of the Event Creation Process.

GENRE options are available in the Options tab of the Event Wizard.



Be sure to save your changes after you make any change to your event!