Using TicketBiscuit’s Built-In Email Marketing Engine Part 1: Composing the Email

TicketBiscuit makes it easy to communicate with your customers via email with our built in Email Marketing Engine.

To access it, just click Marketing>>New Email.


The First Step asks you to Set Up the Email. On This Screen, you’ll enter the Title of the Email. This is for your reference only; your recipients never see it.  Your recipients DO see the From Name and From Email address, so be sure to use something they will recognize, like the name of your venue or promotion.

The Subject Line is very important as well. Sometimes, the subject line is the only portion of the email that a customer reads. Choose something succinct yet attention grabbing, and avoid using all caps. Spam filters hate that, and avoiding spam filters so your email stays out of customers’ junk mail folders is key to effective email marketing.


At the bottom, you can choose what type of email you want to send. We’ll go through each of these.

If you choose Free Text, the next page, or compose step,  will present a simple text field where you can type or copy-and-paste the text that will appear in the email. The Free Text option is simple and straightforward, but extremely limited in terms of design.


With the Free HTML Option, you get the flexibility of free form composition, with advanced formatting options like font styles, sizes, and colors, and even graphics and hyperlinks. If you’re an advanced user, you can even customize the HTML code, or paste in code from your own web design software. Your design options here are truly unlimited.


If you choose the “Web Page” option, you can send virtually any page on the internet via email. Just type or paste in the web address in the next window.


The final four options on this setup screen refer to the preconfigured web pages provided with your TicketBiscuit account. Select any of them and TicketBiscuit will compose your newsletter for you by converting the selected page into an email.

If you choose Event Details, then the Compose Screen will ask you to choose which event you want to send. By default, only future events show up in the drop down, but you can search past events also by selecting the radio button.


If you Choose Calendar, the Compose Step will ask you to choose the month and date that you want to send. This will send a calendar-formatted email out to your recipients.


If you choose the Spotlight or Event List options, TicketBiscuit will send the Event Spotlight or Search Events Pages, respectively. There are no configurable options for either of these selections.