Creating Promo Codes for Events

What are Promo Codes?

Promo Codes are essentially passwords that ticket buyers must enter (for website purchases) or provide (for box office or phone purchases) to unlock special pricing or ticket products.

Why are they useful?
The use of Promo Codes (or Promotion Codes) is a great way to experiment with your event marketing and set up custom deals based on partnerships, advertisements, or special promotions. When activated for events, your website visitors will see an area where they can enter the code, before they select their tickets for purchase.

You can use promo codes to:

  • Gauge the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Media spots tell customers to “enter the promo code XXXX” to get a deal on tickets. You can then see how many ticket sales this resulted in, using the event report.
  • Reward your Social Media Fans or Followers.
  • Fan-club or limited access / VIP presales.

And much more.

How do I create Promo Codes?

Promo codes can be setup in two ways, each has its benefits for certain types of promotions.  We will cover how-to instructions for each type below.


Method One: Password-protected ticket products.  Using this method, you set up promo codes on the same screen in which you create ticket products for your events, the TICKET PRODUCTS tab of the Event Wizard.

You can either copy and edit an existing ticket product, or create an all new one.

tp tab


There are a few important things to remember / consider when creating a Promo Code Ticket Product:



  1. Name the Ticket Product Accordingly. Let it reflect the promotion source, to reinforce to your ticket buyers that they’re special.
  2. Provide and Accurate Description. Spell out the deal that the ticket buyer just unlocked.
  3. Password-Protect the Product. This means that the ticket product will not show up or be available until they type or provide the password (Promo Code). Check this box, and type the preferred promo code or password in the box. Tip: Keep it simple.
  4. Give ‘em a deal. This is what encourages folks to use promo codes. It doesn’t have to be huge, as long as they’re getting a deal.
  5. Restrict the number each person can buy. This is optional, but still a pretty good idea.
  6. Order Methods and Convenience Fees. If you want your promo-codes to only work on website sales, you can set that here by unchecking all of the other order methods.  If you do want your promo codes available in the box office or via phone, you can set that here as well. You can adjust order methods convenience fees here as well.

Once you’re done creating the ticket product, click FINISHED at the bottom.  This will take you back to the event creation process.



Method Two: Discount Promotions