How to Activate Promotozoa

What is Promotozoa?
Promotozoa is a tool exclusive to TicketBiscuit that gives your TicketBiscuit-powered site instant viral marketing power –it lets your ticket buyers spread the word to other potential ticket buyers quickly and easily.  When active, Promotozoa shows up as a button on the Event Spotlight, Event Details, and Search Events Pages.

Why should you use it?

Through Promotozoa, your web visitors can use Promotozoa to instantly spread the word about your event to over 300 different social networks and websites, including facebook, myspace, twitter, digg, reddit,, and others.

How do you Activate it?

By simply checking this box on the promotion tab in the event creation process,  Promotozoa will be activated for your event.  After you check the box, remember to save your event.

When your visitors do share your event details, Promotozoa creates “buy tickets” links back to your site from whichever site they promoted you to.