Using TicketBiscuit’s Built-In Email Marketing Engine Part 3: Choose Your Recipients

The final step in sending an email is selecting who will receive it. Your full TicketBiscuit customer database is at your fingertips here; and TicketBiscuit allows you to dynamically build a list of recipients and laser-target your newsletter at this step.

You’ll see five options across the top:

“Entire List”, as it sounds, will send the newsletter to your entire customer database.

“Event Attendees” allows you to pull a list of customers who have attended past events. Search past or future events by keyword, category, or genre. Once the results display, just click, the “Add Event” Link next to each event you want to include. Those events will then appear at the bottom, under “selected events”.

The “Frequent Patrons” option lets you to pull a list of loyal customers based on how many tickets they’ve purchased, how many events they’ve attended, or how much money they’ve spent with you over a certain amount of time. You may check any of the three boxes down the left hand side, then type in the limits in the text fields and set the period of time on the right hand side.

If you choose the “By Postal Code” option, you’ll be able to select recipients based on their mailing address. You can enter as many full or partial codes as you wish, separated by a comma.
TIP: Use this site to see a full list of the zip codes in any state.

“By Birth Month” allows you to select everyone in your database whose birthday falls within a certain month.

Once you’ve determined who your recipients will be, you can click the “How Many” button to see how many recipients meet your criteria.  Also note the option to limit your recipients to registered users and subscribers. Leaving these boxes checked will minimize the number of spam complaints you receive and maximize the effectiveness of your newsletter.

The final step is to review and send it out. Make sure your Title, From Address, and Subject Look Correct. You may also have to re-enter your SMTP server password.  Then Click “Send Email” and you’re done!


To see a list of newsletters you’ve sent before, along with click and conversion data for each, select “Sent Emails” from the Marketing Menu.