Search Attractions

Access the Page

Roll the mouse over the Attractions heading on your webpage. A short menu will drop down.
Click on Search Attractions to view the page.

Search Existing Attractions

This page automatically shows a list of each of the attractions for your venue. If you do not see any attractions on this page or the attraction for which you are looking, you may need to create an attraction.
You can search the existing attractions in one of two ways:
First, on the left hand side of the screen is a search field where you can type part of, or the complete title for an attraction.

Once you enter the desired information into the search field, click search. If you want to continue browsing the list of attractions after your search, click Show All, to return to the complete listing of attractions.
Second, you can search the attractions by using the Filter by First Letter feature on the right hand side of the Search Attractions Screen.

Enter a letter into the search field, or click on the search field with your mouse and chose a letter from the drop down menu. Once you have found the attraction you can edit it in any way. Simply use the same process you used when you created an attraction.

NOTE: The TicketBiscuit system does not update changes to an attraction immediately, so it may take an hour or two to update; therefore if you make any changes (such as adding images or media)to an attraction after it has already been added to an event and you want it to show up right away, simply open the event wizard, make a small change to the event and save it.
You can also search for an attraction by simply scrolling through the attractions as they are listed on this page.