Boca Printer Installation

Boca Printer Installation

1. Unpack the printer from the box.
2. Install the Boca Printer drivers from the Boca Systems website.
3. Follow the installation steps from Boca Systems.

TicketBiscuit Printer Support Application Installation

1. Download the TicketBiscuit Printer Support Application here.
2. Extract the zip file and click on Setup.exe.
3. Follow the installation steps using the default settings.

Setup Ticket Configuration

1. Contact TicketBiscuit Support at to setup your Boca Ticket Configuration file under Account->Ticket Configuration.

Configure Events to Use Boca Ticket Configuration

1. Edit each event that will use the Boca Ticket configuration (if you have a large number events that you wish to configure, please contact and we will update each event for you).
2. Set the Ticket Configuration under Ticket Products for your Boca Ticket Configuration (the configuration will have a .bocatix extension).

ticket config
3. Save the event.


Printing Tickets Using the Boca Printer

* Install the ticket stock according to the installation instructions from Boca. The ticket stock will need to be entered face up with the small tear tab fed directly into the printer.

1. Print tickets as normal within TicketBiscuit. Tickets will now print on the Boca Printer.
2. When printing tickets, make sure your browser is configured to allow pop-up windows.

In Firefox, go to Tools -> Options, click on the Content tab, and uncheck Block pop-up windows.

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options, click on the Privacy Tab, and uncheck Turn on Pop-up Blocker.

3. If using Firefox, be sure and disable the option that shows the download window when downloading a file. Go to Tools -> Options, click on the Main tab, and uncheck Show the downloads window when downloading a file.

4. The first time you print tickets, you may be prompted to open the .bocatix file. Select open and configure the browser to always open this file type automatically (the exact verbiage will vary between browsers).

5. Also, the first time you print, select the Boca printer from your list of installed printers.

6. Please note that the first tickets printed are not usually aligned properly. After the first printing, the Boca printer automatically aligns the tickets for printing.