DYMO Printer Installation

Dymo Labelwriter thermal printers, while not made specifically for ticket printing, can be used for low volume box office printing.  Dymo printers work best when printing small, infrequent orders.  The Dymo is our least expensive on-site ticket printing option.  Please follow the steps below carefully to ensure your Dymo works with your ticketing account.

Remove Previous Dymo Printer Installations

Navigate to Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs on your computer and remove any previous installations of the Dymo Label Software.

Dymo Printer Installation

1. Unpack the printer from the box.
2. Plug in the power supply and connect it to the printer and remove all packaging.
3. DO NOT plug the printer into the computer until instructed to do so during the setup process.
4. Install the Dymo Printer software from the Dymo website.  DO NOT use the disk provided with the Dymo.
5. Follow the installation steps using the default settings (the preset options given when you load the software).

Dymo express setup
6. When prompted, plug the printer USB cable into the computer.

plug in

TicketBiscuit Printer Support Application Installation

1. Download the TicketBiscuit Printer Support Application here.
2. Extract the zip file and click on TicketBiscuitBocaSupportSetup.msi.
3. Follow the installation steps using the default settings.

Setup Ticket Configuration

1. Contact TicketBiscuit Support via Help Case to setup your Dymo Ticket Configuration file under Account->Ticket Configuration.

Configure Events to Use Dymo Ticket Configuration

1. Edit each event that will use the Dymo Ticket configuration (if you have a large number events that you wish to configure, please contact TicketBiscuit Support and we will make this update for you).
2. Set the Ticket Configuration under Ticket Products for your Dymo Ticket Configuration (the configuration will have a .dymotix extension).

ticket config
3. Save the event.

Ticket Stock Installation

1. Install the ticket stock according to the installation instructions in the Dymo manual that came with the printer.
2. Ensure the bottom of the ticket stock is facing up when it comes out of the printer.

Printing Tickets Using the Dymo Printer

1. Print tickets as normal within TicketBiscuit. Tickets will now print on the Dymo Printer.
2. When printing tickets, make sure your browser is configured to allow pop-up windows.

3. If using Firefox, be sure and disable the option that shows the download window when downloading a file. Go to Tools -> Options, click on the Main tab, and uncheck Show the downloads window when downloading a file.

4. The first time you print tickets, you may be prompted to open the .dymotix file. Select open and configure the browser to always open this file type automatically (the exact verbiage will vary between browsers).
In Chrome, a new window will open and you need to click the down arrow next to the downloaded file. Be sure and check the “Always open files of this type”. You’ll need to restart Chrome for the settings to take effect. The next time you print, a new window will open. Leave the window open in the background to prevent a new window from opening each time you print.
5. Also, the first time you print, select the Dymo printer from your list of installed printers.

6. Please note that the first tickets printed are not usually aligned properly. After the first printing, the Dymo printer automatically aligns the tickets for printing.