Place Order – Old Box Office

Navigate to the Box Office

  • Use the Quick Sale tab to access the Old Box Office (for single-event orders).
  • Choose Walk Up/Phone/House Comp depending on your situation.
  • quick-sale-tabIf you are selling tickets at a Box Office, or at the door, choose Walk Up.
  • If you are selling tickets over the phone, select Phone.
  • If you intend to book complimentary tickets for individuals, select House Comp.


  • Once one of these three options is selected, you are taken to the Place Order page.



Place an Order

  • Choose the requested number of tickets.


  • As you add tickets to the order, they will show in your cart and affect the order’s total.


  • Once all requested tickets are in the cart, gather any necessary customer information.


  • Confirm your Delivery Method is correct.


  • Apply any necessary Discounts or Refund Protection charges.  These additions will attribute to the order total.


  • Select the payment type, enter necessary information, and click Pay to process the order.