Guest List


Guest List from Box Office drop-down
Guest List is the third selection under the Box Office drop-down menu.

The Guest List gives you the ability to differentiate between complimentary tickets given out by the venue from those given out by the attraction, performer(s), or artist(s). Under the Will Call list, complimentary tickets (or Comps) given by the venue are listed as House Comps. Comps given by the attraction are listed as Guest List.

ImageHouse Comp vs Guest List Comp



Band members were created as an attraction under this specific attraction


The Guest List option can also keep track of Comps given out by individual members of an attraction, provided that members are each given their own item, or attraction, on the schedule.

ImageAlready added guest on bottom. Blanks to add new guest on top.

After entering the necessary information, click the “Add to List” button to add a person to the Guest List. Once added, you can undertake the actions listed above the added guests by clicking on the corresponding, orange letters to the right of the name, under the heading “Actions.”