Create Marketing Emails

Access the Email Wizard

Select NEW EMAIL from the Marketing drop down menu.


You will now begin a wizard that will help you generate an email and send it out to any/all of your email list subscribers. As you go through the wizard, you will see many help tickets. Click on these tickets while you are in the wizard to open small help windows that provide more information on a particular feature or field.


To begin the process of creating an email, fill out the text fields on this setup page.


Next, select the type of email that you would like to send. You can select from several predefined email types:

FreeText is a standard plain-text email.

FreeHtml is a free form email with a wide range of formatting options, including the ability change fonts and colors, create table layouts and include images.

Webpage allows you to specify any webpage to send; depending on the webpage you specify, the body of the email will be nearly identical in appearance to the webpage itself.

EventDetails, Calendar, Spotlight and EventList are a quick and easy way to email the corresponding webpage from your TicketBiscuit or WhistleTix website.

To finish the setup process, click on the Compose>>> button at the bottom of the wizard page.


The composition page will differ depending on the type of email you intend on sending.

Free Text Email

If your email consists only of text, enter the text in the Free Text Composition Area and continue through the Email Wizard by selecting Send Test>>> at the bottom of the window.


If you intend to include images in your email, use the Free HTML.

Once uploaded to the Image Gallery, you can upload them into your email by selecting the Image Manager icon in the Email Wizard task bar.In order to include images in your email, you must first upload the images to your Image Gallery.


When the Image Manager window appears, select the “upload” folder to locate your uploaded image.


Web Page

The Webpage option will give you a field in which you can enter the web URL of the page that you would like to have appear in your email.


Once you’ve entered the URL, beginning with “http://” or https://” continue through the Email Wizard by selecting Send Test>>> at the bottom of the window.

Event Details

Select the Event Details option if you would like to send an email concerning an upcoming or past event. The information entered for the related attraction will be included in the email.

Select the Event from the drop down menu and then continue through the Email Wizard by clicking on the “Send Test>>>” button at the bottom of the wizard page.

This will send your subscribers a copy of the Event Details Page for the selected event


The Calendar Email sends out a month of upcoming events based on the calendar page on your website. Select the month:

CalendarClick on the “Send Test>>>” button at the bottom of the window to advance through the Email Wizard.


The Spotlight Email sends a copy of your Spotlight Page and has no configurable options.

Click on the “Send Test>>>” button at the bottom of the window to advance through the Email Wizard

Event List

The Event List Option sends a list of your events and has no configurable options.

Click on the “Send Test>>>” button at the bottom of the window to advance through the Email Wizard.

Send Test

Fill out all of the fields on this page and send a test email. Check over the test and then, you can chose to Save & Continue or Save & Close. Both of these will save your work to the Email Dashboard which you can access at anytime by selecting Marketing – Sent Email.


This feature of the wizard allows you to control which patrons will receive your news letter. You can chose to send your email to only subscribers or to anyone who has bought tickets from you in the past. Furthermore, you have the ability to target specific customers such as patrons that attended specific events in the past or by patrons that have attended a certain number of shows or spent a specific dollar amount.

When you select “Event Attendees” a keyword box appears. A good example of a newsletter targeting specific customers is one concerning a cancelled or rescheduled show. In this instance you would choose “Event Attendees” and deselect “Registered Users Only” and “Subscribers Only,” because you would want this mailing to go to everyone scheduled to attend, regardless if they have subscribed or are registered.

Once you have filled out this form, click on the How many? button to see how many of your patrons are within reach of the parameters you have set. Once you are satisfied with this number, Click the Review & Send button to move to the next page of the wizard.

Review & Save

Before you send your email, make sure that all of the information is correct. Preview the email using the link at the top right hand corner of the wizard.

Complete all of the information fields on this page of the wizard. If you do not know your email server information or want to use one of our mail servers, please email

This email will now be saved to the Email Dashboard where you will be able to access it in the future and send it out again. Once you have reviewed the email  and completed all of the necessary fields, click the Send Email button.