How do I enable Facebook integration with TicketBiscuit?

When you add and update events in TicketBiscuit, your events can be automatically posted to Facebook has over 100 million subscribers. We’ve made it easy for you to capture the eyes of these subscribers and drive them to your website to buy tickets.

If you’d like to have events posted to your own Facebook page, there are a few easy steps (For BattlePass and WhistleTix clients, please log into to setup the integration. You’ll only need to log into this one time):

1. Create a Facebook user account if you don’t already have one. You will need to connect your user account to TicketBiscuit to post events to Facebook.

2. Create a Facebook page if you don’t already have one. It’s easy, and it’s free. Click here to create a page.

3. The Facebook user that you created (or already had) must be an Admin on the page you created. To check this, go to the page you created, click ‘Edit Page’ on the left-side column (under the picture), and look under ‘Admins’ in the right-side column (under ‘Promote Your Page’). If the user is not an Admin, you will need to click ‘Add’ and add them as an Admin.

4. Connect your Facebook user account and page to TicketBiscuit so that the system can post events automatically for TicketBiscuit. You will only have to do this once.

   •   Make sure you are logged into Facebook with the user account you will be using to post events.

•   Go to the TicketBiscuit ‘Account Details’ screen.

•   Click the blue Facebook Connect button, under Facebook Integration. When the dialog appears, click ‘Allow’ to grant the TicketBiscuit application access to your post events. After you connect to Facebook, your Facebook user picture will appear in TicketBiscuit to show that you are connected.

•   After you have connected your user account, the ‘Account Details’ page’ will reload with two links that begin ‘Grant permission…’ For TicketBiscuit to post events, you must click these links one at a time and click ‘Allow’ in the popup dialogs. These permissions allow TicketBiscuit to post events to your account while you are not online. These permissions can be revoked at any time you wish by visiting your ‘Application Settings’ page in Facebook.

•   Lastly, enter your Facebook Page ID on the ‘Account Details’ page and save your chagnes (click the Apply button). (The Facebook Page ID is the number at the end of the web address in Facebook when you navigate to your page.) For example, the page ID for TicketBiscuit at ID is 7166292085.