Account Roles

Account roles

The variety of user roles TicketBiscuit provides allows you to limit employee access to system features and account information. You can learn how to edit these roles HERE.

Account Master

Members of the Account Master role can perform all of the functions of the other roles. In addition, Account Masters can edit the Contact Info and other miscellaneous details under the Account menu. And, Account Master is the only role with the ability to create new users and assign users to roles. Finally, only Account Masters can perform the highly-sensitive task of canceling an Event.

Report Readers

Report Readers can run any report available from the Reports page of the client administration site, as well as the Box Office > Event Report. Furthermore, users must be in either the ReportReader or AccountMaster role in order to run any report.


Creating Discounts and Newsletters is the domain of the Marketer role. Marketers can create and edit Discounts that can be applied by Box Office Staffers and Managers. Marketers can also compose and mail Newsletters.


The Designer role is limited to functions involving Look & Feel: editing existing Events’ detailed descriptions, creating and editing Attractions, updating the Image Gallery and composing Newsletters*. This role is appropriate for users who may not be integral to the organization, but who have a good design sense and perhaps a knowledge of HTML.

Box Office Manager

Box Office Managers can perform all actions necessary to run the Box Office effectively. They have all the permissions of Box Office Staff, plus the ability to refund and delete Orders. In addition, they can create, edit and delete Discount presets and Delivery Methods. Finally, Box Office Managers also have the ability to edit a Schedule Item’s Deal Memo via the Ticket Manifest page.

Box Office Staff

Members of the Box Office Staff role can place Phone, Walk-Up, Guest List and House Comp Orders. They can also edit any Order once it has been placed.

Talent Buyer

Talent Buyers have all the permissions of Event Editors, plus the ability to edit the Deal Memo associated with each Schedule Item.

Attraction Editor

Members of the AttractionEditor Role can create new Attractions and edit existing Attractions. Attraction creation and editing includes the ability to create and edit all information associated with an Attraction, including title, description, website link, images and A/V media. For more on how to create attractions click HERE.

Event Editor

Members of the Event Editor Role can create new Events and edit existing Events. Event creation and editing includes the ability to create and edit all information associated with an Event, including Attractions, Schedule Items and Ticket Products. For more on how to create/edit an event click HERE

*Note: While Designers can create and edit Newsletters, they are not permitted to mail them.