How do I exchange an order?

Search Orders Page or Will Call Page

Orders can be exchanged by using the Search Orders feature. Select Search Orders from the Account drop down menu.

ImageAccount drop down menu

You can also exchange an order through the Will Call page for a specific event. Select the event to which your customer has tickets by clicking on the event’s tiotle and then select Will Call from the Box Office drop down menu.

ImageSelect Will Call from the Box Office menu


From the Search Orders Page

You can search for a customer’s order by any of the categories listed next to Search within on this page.

ImageSearch for the order

Enter the information for the search and press the Search Orders button. A list of the orders that match your search criteria will be listed below.

ImageThe results of a search done by last name
In the above picture the Exchange link on the left is highlighted orange, this means you will be able to click on this link to exchange the tickets. However, if this link is not orange you will need to click the Detailslink, view the order details, click the Undeliver All button, save the changes, return to the search orders page, and repeat your search. For more on undelivering an order see the Order Details page.

From Will Call Page

Once you have accessed the will call list to the event from which the customer would like to exchange his/her tickets, you will need to find the customers’ order on the will call list.

ImageFind the customer’s order on the will call list

In the above image, you will see that the Exchange link is orange, if you locate an order that does not have this link orange, you will need to click the button that says Undeliver in the same row as the order. Clicking this will activate the Exchange link.

The Order Exchanger

You have now found found the order that you would like to exchange and confirmed the the Exchange link is active. Next, click on the active Exchange link. Doing this will pull up the Order Exchanger

ImageOrde Exchange. Select the event for the exchange.

Use the drop down menu to select the event to which you would like to exchange this customer’s tickets. You can also select to activate the box next to, Waive any cost/refund resulting from exchange. HAving this box active will allow you to refund or collect for the difference in order cost between the original purchase and the exchange. However, you do not have to click this box if you choose not to.

Once you have exchanged the order, you will be taken to a new Order Details page for this customer. The exchange will be noted in the Notes section at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to edit the seats a customer has once you have made an exchange, please click HERE for more information.