What payment gateways does Ticketbiscuit Support?

To accept payments over the Internet, all companies such as TicketBiscuit send credit card information to a Payment Gateway. The gateway then sends the money to your merchant account. As long as your merchant account provider supports one of the gateways below, we’ll have no problem working with them. All we need is your login information for the gateway to configure your account in TicketBiscuit. Below are the Payment Gateways that we support:

1.)  Authorize.net – https://ems.authorize.net/oap/home.aspx?SalesRepID=98&ResellerID=20522.
2.)  Network Merchants – http://www.networkmerchants.com/.
3.)  PayPal Payflow Pro – https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_payflow-pro-overview-outside.  If you decide to use this gateway, make sure you chose the PayPal Payflow Pro gateway and not one of their other gateways such as Payflow Link.

Please note that we can switch you to your payment gateway at anytime. We can go live on our account and then switch you over when your gateway is setup.