Cancel Events

Where to begin

The TicketBiscuit system provides a feature that allows you to cancel an event, notify all of the customers who purchased tickets, and refund credit card orders. The first step to cancel an event is to select Cancel Event from the Events drop down menu at the top left hand side of your screen.

ImageChoose the Cancel Event option

You can also click on the Cancel link to the left of the title of the event you wish to cancel.

ImageClick on cancel

Both options will take you to the same page. You will go through a Step-by step Wizard that reviews what happens within the system when you cancel an event and helps you create an email to inform customers of the cancellation.

Refund Options

This is the first page in the event cancellation wizard. This page serves to review the options available for refunding ticket purchases to your venue’s customers. Through the TicketBiscuit system, you are able to directly refund all credit card purchases. All other types of purchases (cash, check, giftcard) are up to your venue to refund. Select one of the refund methods at the bottom of the Refund Options page. Then, click the Next button to move to the page where you will design an email to send out to your customers.

Notify Patrons

The second page of the cancellation wizard will help you create an email to send to all the customers who purchased tickets to the canceled event. If you do not want to send an Email notification, select the Do not send… option and click the Next button.

To begin this process first, fill out all of the information in the text fields.

ImageComplete this form.

Remember, if you need anymore information on any of the text fields, just click on the ticket with the question mark inside of it and a window detailing that area of the page will pop up.

Next, enter the text of the email notification that you would like sent to your customers in the large text field at the bottom of the page. Once you have completed the email, click on the Preview button to see how the email will look when your customers access it from their email accounts.

ImageCheck over the email before sending it.

Verify the email and click the next button to proceed.

Cancel Event

On the third page of the cancellation wizard you have the opportunity to review the information provided in the previous steps. Verify all of this information and click the Cancel Eventbutton to enact the changes. If you notice a mistake in the review of your changes, you can move back in the wizard and change the options you selected on the previous two pages.