Discount Promotions

Discount Promotions allow you to set specific, one-time use codes for a certain price or promotion. To access this feature, go to the Account Menu and select Discount Promotions.

From this page you can search existing promotions and edit them, or create a new promotion.

Create a Discount Promotion

To create a promotion, you must first create a discount.  Learn how here.

First, click the Create New Promotion button.

ImageCreate New Promotion Wizzard

Next, enter the title of the promotion in the Promotion Name field.

Then, select the discount to which this promotion will apply by using the Discount to Apply drop-down.

Next, enter the start and finish dates and times for the promotion using the drop down boxes. Then, click the Next button to continue.

The next page of the wizard allows you to select the events for which the promotion can be used. Simply leave the box for Promotion is valid for any event checked if you would like, or un-check the box, if you would like to hand pick the valid events for this promotion.

ImageEdit Events for a promotion on this page

Click the Edit Events link to select specific events for this promotion. This link takes you to the Linked Events page.

ImageSelect events to associate with a promotion

Follow the directions at the top of this page to select the events you would like linked to this promotion. Once you have selected the events to be linked, click the Finish button at the bottom of this page to return to the Create Promotion wizard. If you are satisfied up to this point, click the Save button. If not, use the buttons with in the wizard to navigate and edit the promotion.

Edit a Discount Promotion

Now that you have created your promotion, you will need to assign codes to it. These are the one-time use codes you will send to customers at a later date. Click the Edit Codes link, to the left of your promotion, to begin this step.

ImageEdit, upload, or generate codes for your promotion

On this page you can choose to either upload codes you have already created, Or have the TicketBiscuit system create codes for you.

Also, using the Add, Remove, or Test a code against this Promotion feature allows you to add a new code, remove one or test to see if a code works. This feature works for one code at a time.

To upload previously created codes, make sure that the codes are in an Excel spread sheet and follow the prompts to upload them to the system. You can use the option below the upload prompts to specify how the codes are loaded to the system. Once, you have uploaded your codes and saved your changes, customers will be able to purchase tickets using their individual codes.

If you have yet to create codes for your promotion, enter the number of codes needed for this promotion and click Create Codes. You will receive an email when the codes have been created. Next, click Download Codes and you will receive an email with the individual codes for you to send out to customers.