Edit Events

Accessing the Edit Event wizard

To edit an event, go to the Search Events page of the TicketBiscuit system and find the event you wish to edit. Next, click on the link to the left of the event that says Edit.

ImageClick on the Edit link.

You can also edit an event by selecting Edit Event under the Events drop-down menu.

ImageEdit Event in Events drop-down menu

Edit an Existing Event

Editing an event takes you through the same wizard as creating an event.

ImageThe first page of the Edit Event Wizard

You do not need to go through all of the steps in the wizard to edit your event. You can access each part of the wizard by clicking on the appropriate link at the top of the wizard.

ImageAccess pages in the wizard using these links.

See the Create Event page of this help manual if you need to review the steps of this wizard.

Remember, for your changes to take effect you must go to the Review & Save portion of the wizard and save your changes.

Changing the Status for an Event

To change the status for an event, go to the Options heading in the Edit Event Wizard. Then, using the drop down box under the Status heading, select the status that you would like to set for this event.

The Event Status determines whether to allow ticket sales and whether or not to display the Event on your TicketBiscuit website:

  • Pending Events are NOT displayed and ticket sales are not allowed through any order method
  • Active Events are displayed and ticket sales are allowed
  • Canceled Events are displayed with a notice that the Event has been canceled, and ticket sales are not allowed

Remember to save any changes that you make.

Changing the Venue for an Event

If your TicketBiscuit account pertains to two (2) or more venues, you may wish to move an event from one venue to another. Should this happen, you will need to contact support@ticketbiscuit.com. In your email please include:

  • The event that is to be moved.
  • The venue to which it will move.
  • Any relevant changes in seating/capacity.
  • Any changes to ticket pricing.

If you have not sold tickets for an event and want to change venues, you can delete the ticket products and change the venue yourself. If your are changing the venue for an event to which tickets have already been sold, you will need to contact all customers who bought tickets to this event. You can find a list of these customers using the Event Attendees Report or the Will Call list.

Holding Seats

To hold a block of seats Use the Seating link on the Edit Event Wizard. You will need to name each hold before you can block off any tickets. See the Seating section of the Create Event help page.

Remember to Save any and all changes you make when editing an event

See the Create Eventpage for more information on saving.