Unbalanced Orders Report

The Unbalanced Orders Report shows all orders for which a customer still owes money.

Simply click on Refresh Report Data and it will show all orders that contain a balance for current and future events.


If you wish to include past events, click the bubble next to Include Past and refresh the report data again.


The resulting report will show which event has the unbalanced order, the event date, and the number of unbalanced orders.


NOTE: If you have an unbalanced order, you may return to the Search Orders page, highlight the event containing the order, then go to the Box Office->Unbalanced Orders. You will be directed to a list of the orders and you may click on the Edit button to view the order.

unbalanced by event

  • NOTE: This report can be exported to Excel if needed. Simply click on the Export button next to the heading for the section you wish to export.