WhistleTix Menu Updates: What’s Changed

As the first step of our 2014 re:Fresh, we looked at overall usage data and reordered and reorganized menu items for quick, easy access to the most commonly-used features. These new menu configurations will be effective March 6.

Please Note: For the best experience make sure you’re on the latest version of your browser of choice (Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer).  If you must use Internet Explorer (Chrome and FireFox are better choices) the menu does require version 9 (released in March 2011) or greater.

Click here for a Printable PDF guide to the New WhistleTix Menu

Old Menu

New re:Freshed Menu

Events Menu Events Menu
Search Events
Create Events
Edit Event (not in new menu)
Cancel Event (not in new menu)
Search Events
Create Events
Attractions (Menu now under Events)

  • Search Attractions
  • Create Attractions
Attractions Menu (menu now under Events) (Menu now under Events)
Search Attractions
Create Attractions
Tickets Menu Tickets Menu
Quick Sale (moved to new Quick Sale Menu)
Place Order
Unbalanced Orders (moved to the bottom)
Guest List
Event Report
Search Orders (formerly under Account Menu)Place Order (options now visible w /o mouseover)

  • Walk Up
  • Phone
  • House Comp

Guest List
Event Report
Unbalanced Orders
Organizer’s Order List

Quick Sale Menu (new menu item)
Walk Up
Reports Menu (new menu item, moved from Account)
Account Audit Report
Sales by Date Range
Sales by Date Range by User
Event Sales
Multi-Event Sales
Daily Settlements
Payments by Date Range
Multi-Event Sales Breakdown
Event Attendees
Marketing Menu Marketing Menu
Fan Page Ticketing (now “Facebook Ticketing”)
Newsletter Archive (now “Sent e-Blasts”)
Create Newsletter (now “New e-Blast”)
On Ticket Ads (now under Account Menu)
Image Gallery (now ”Images”)
A/V Media Gallery (now “Audio and Video”)

  • New Email (formerly “Create Newsletter”)
  • Sent Emails  (formerly “Newsletter Archive”)

Social Media

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Ticketing

Discounts (moved from Account Menu)

  • Manage Discounts (formerly “Discounts” under Account Menu)
  • Manage Promotions (formerly “Discount Promotions ” under Account Menu)

Media Gallery

  • Images (formerly “Image Gallery”)
  • Audio and Video (formerly A/V Media Gallery)
Account Menu Account Menu
Account Details (now “Settings”)
Search Orders (now under Box Office Menu)
Edit Users (now “Users”)
Discounts (now “Manage Discounts” under Marketing Menu)
Discount Promotions (now “Manage Promotions” under Marketing Menu)
Delivery MethodsReports (now the new Reports Menu)
Product Presets
Printing Configuration (now “Tickets and Receipts”)
Refund Protection
Call Center FAQs
Delivery Methods
Product Presets
Settings (formerly “Account Details”)
Users (formerly “Edit Users”)
Print Settings

  • Tickets and Receipts (formerly “Printing Configuration”)
  • Print @ Home (formerly “On Ticket Ads” under Marketing)