How to Schedule Events in Bulk

WhistleTix’s Event Scheduler makes it easy to duplicate an event across multiple dates and times. This should be extremely helpful for WhistleTix clients who run multiple excursions or special events with identical ticket prices and event setups.

The Event scheduler is also available to TicketBiscuit clients, for shows that may run multiple days.

Here’s how to schedule events in bulk:

1. Create your SOURCE EVENT. You do this just like you created events in the past, except be SURE the details of the event, ticket prices, etc. are all correct. Currently, it is not possible to bulk EDIT events, so be sure you get this first one right. All of the events created in the scheduler will be EXACT duplicates, with the exception of their date and time.

2. Go to the Switchboard (MixBoard). You can easily get to the Switchboard by clicking the WhistleTix (or TicketBiscuit)  Logo in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

3.  Select the SOURCE EVENT. Make sure it appears in the “Active Event” Widget.

4. Click the SCHEDULE Button.


5. Select the START DATES and END DATES for the series of events you want to create. Again -make SURE these are correct.


6. Click The +Add Time Button below the days of the week. This will make a time slot appear between that button and the day of the week. Use the dropdowns to adjust the time of the event. You can add multiple times per day. If you mess up, click the small trashcan icon to the left of the time slot.


As you’re adding time slots, the scheduler will let you know how many total events you are about to create on the right hand side.

7. Once you’re finished, click BUILD SCHEDULE. The next screen verifies that the scheduler has completed building the events. Click DONE to return to the Switchboard.