Client Webinar: Event Promotion Strategies for 5 Top Social Platforms

TicketBiscuit’s first webinar, originally presented live for Gold Circle clients on May 21, 2014, focused on promoting events effectively using some of the top social media platforms, from the point of view of an industry veteran. All TicketBiscuit clients should have received an invitation to view the webinar recording, along with the password required to view it. If you are a client and have not received the password, please email Todd Coder, VP of Client Services, at

On tap for this webinar:

Facebook – Facebook has more than a billion monthly active users around the world, with 128 million active DAILY users in the U.S. alone. Learn how to address recent crucial changes it the service and leverage TicketBiscuit’s advanced Facebook integration to successfully promote your event and sell tickets to this massive user base.

YouTube – Second only to Facebook in terms of its user base, YouTube is the juggernaut of online video-based content. According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. Learn how you can harness the value of video-based content to promote your events on YouTube.

Tumblr – Tumblr is among the most widely-used social platforms, with 216 million monthly users. It’s also the favorite social platform of users under 25. Called by some the anti-blog, Tumblr has an important place in reaching the younger demographic with compelling visuals and share-worthy material.

Twitter – 57% of Twitter users say they follow brands on social media in order to keep up with activities. Learn how to engage with ticket buyers and keep them coming back with best-practice tips and a rundown of how to use TicketBiscuit’s easy Twitter automation.

Instagram – Many are proclaiming that Instagram will become the king of social media in 2014. Social promotion is becoming more visual, and if anyone should be doing visual storytelling well, it’s the live event industry. Selling the experience of your live events through great visuals will be key in effective event promotion going forward. Learn the ins and outs of using this powerful social platform for event promotion.