Email Performance Dashboard

In August 2014 we introduced conversion tracking to the TicketBiscuit Email Marketing Engine.  Let us introduce you to those updates:

Changes to Menu

In the past, to create an email, you would choose MARKETING – Create Newsletter.

Now, Choose MARKETING – New Email.

This will bring you to the “Email Wizard” (formerly called the “Newsletter wizard”).  The steps to create a marketing email have not changed. You can find more detail on how to do this at this link, and you can find an instructional video here (note that the video still references the old menu).


New Email Performance Dashboard takes place of Newsletter Archive

Previously, you could see a list of emails sent, along with the number of recipients who received the email. The new email performance dashboard presents a much more useful view of your email activity.

To access the new email performance dashboard,

Choose MARKETING- Sent Emails.

You’ll see this beautiful new screen,  the Email Performance Dashboard:


On the left hand side, you will see the list of all previous emails sent through TicketBiscuit, the number of recipients the email was sent to (under the STATUS column), the date and time the email was sent, and the title of the email.

Clicking on any email on the left hand side will update the two widgets on the right hand side. 

Performance Overview: Top Right


In the upper right hand corner, you’ll see an overall view of the selected email’s performance.  You’ll have quick, easy visibility into:

  • The number of recipients who received the email
  • The number of recipients who clicked a link within the email, and
  • The number of tickets sold because of the email (we call this CONVERSION TRACKING).

The upper right hand overview widget also has three large buttons, enabling you to:

  • View the actual message sent in a pop up window
  • Copy the Message into a new email in the Email Wizard, and
  • View a full recipient list with status.

Performance Over Time: Bottom Right

On the right hand side under the Performance Overview, you can see a graph of the email’s performance over time.

  • The upright orange bars reflect the number of emails sent.
  • The yellow line represents clicks on links within the email message
  • The green line represents actual tickets sold because of the email message.

Mousing over any data point will show you the data value for that point.