How to Connect Your Twitter Account to TicketBiscuit and Set Up Auto-Tweets

There are over 145 million potential ticket buyers on Twitter. Communicating via Twitter is Quick, It’s Easy, and with TicketBiscuit, it can be Automatic. (If you don’t know what Twitter is or how you should use it, watch this video.)

You can set-up your TicketBiscuit, WhistleTix, or StateChamps account to automatically tweet at predefined times around your events. But first, if you don’t have a Twitter account, you need to set one up via  Consider your brand as you create your new Twitter account – this account will be publicly visible to Twitter Users and you want to make sure you’re leveraging that exposure to your advantage.

Now that your Twitter account is set up we need to connect it to TicketBiscuit.  Log into your account, and select Marketing >> Twitter.

MArketing Tab_Twitter


ConnectClick the link to connect your twitter account. Enter your username and password if necessary, and click “Allow” to enable TicketBiscuit to connect. Once successful, Twitter will send you back to your account page, and you’ll see the message that your account is connected to Twitter. You can change Twitter accounts at any time

Once you’re connected, you’ll need to set up your tweets. By default, you’ll see four tweets already set up for you. Our data shows that four times is a good frequency for tweeting about events, but you can add more or remove any of these if you choose. To remove a tweet, just click the red remove button on the right hand side.  Remove

To Modify or add a tweet, you’ll need to provide three pieces of information:

The first is the Tweet Name – this is for your reference only, and is not seen by any of your Twitter Followers.

New Tweet_name

You also want to modify the tweet itself. Within the tweets we already set up, you’ll see words surrounded by these little brackets. This is where you can insert event-specific information from the database into your tweets. Clicking into any of the tweets reveals a dropwon menu. From the dropdown, you can see all of the event-specific information you can insert  into the tweets.

New Tweet_tweet

The third area you’ll want to modify is the time at which the tweet should be sent. There are three dates associated with each event within the system – when the event is announced, when the tickets go on sale, and the actual date of the event.

You can schedule your tweets to go out when the event is announced, or at any time prior to ticket onsale or the event date.

New Tweet_time

If you want to use these tweets for all of your upcoming events, be sure to check the box near the bottom.

New Tweet_existing

Once you’ve got your tweets set up like you want them, be sure to click SAVE.

Quick Tips:

Three to four times is a good frequency for tweeting about events, but if you’re a railroad or some other venue that’s having several events per day, this could get annoying. In those cases, save your tweeting for special events.

Be sure to include your venue name and city in at least one of your event tweets. There are several services and users that search twitter for key words – like city names. You’ll want to be sure they’re finding your event.

Be sure to include the event title in every tweet.